Instagram’s save feature is pretty simple and intuitive – you see a post you want to revisit, you click the bookmark icon nestled under the right side of the post, and the post is directed to the “saved” page of your account. Easy. But, what happens when you decide to share a post or a collection of posts with friends, family, or colleagues? Well, sharing a single image or video is no problem. You would simply click on the media to be directed to the original post and share as usual. However, this process does not work for a collection of posts. 

Let’s say a beauty company is seeking rising beauty industry influencers to join their new campaign. The company wants to ensure that the selected individuals fit their company’s brand and convey the message of their upcoming campaign, so they vet each candidate through processes of profile reviews – reviewing engagement metrics, as well as their content. An associate on the team is tasked with searching for promising candidates and presenting their findings to the rest of the team. The associate uses instagram’s save feature to pull together a collection of content highlighting each prospect’s strengths, relative to the campaign. Therefore, the associate will need to share multiple posts, ideally simultaneously, for peer review. 

Instagram enables user’s to save posts to collections, so organizing content into categories is no issue. However, sharing of collection of content is difficult, because a feature to share a group of posts does not exists on instagram.

If the associate chooses to share a collection of content, from a prospect, with a colleagues they will need to repeat the process of navigating to each post and sharing them individually. 

I design a method that would enable user’s to share a collection of saved posts and ultimately eliminate the repetitive process of user’s sharing posts one-by-one. 


Solution Prototype

Users are unable to share a collection of saved posts.
Pain Point
The user must repeat the process of sharing a post individually in order to send multiple posts in a single moment.
How Might We? (HMW)
Enable the user to share a group of posts at once.
Create a setting to share a collection of saved posts on the top-level of Instagram's "Saved" page.

Interactive Prototype


For the prototype solution, I opted to maintain Instagram’s brand guidelines for the visual design of the elements included within the “save” feature. I extended the selection feature to the settings of the “saved” page and provided a share option upon the user’s execution of the “select” button.

Prototype Directions

  1. Open the interactive Figma prototype by selecting the full screen symbol at the top right of the presentation (fig. 1a)
  2. Click the settings button on the top left of the prototype interface (ellipse symbol)
  3. Choose “Select”
  4. Select “Memories” collection
  5. Select “Share”
  6. Select followers to share collection
  7. Click “Send” (end of process)
  • Press “r” or “R” to reset presentation C


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